Halloween Meeting

AgASA Meeting 10/30/08

–        Some attendees wore awesome Halloween costumes.

–        Matt Coker presented on religion in politics.

–        Presented Dylan’s “With God on Our Side”

§         What are meanings of the lyrics?

§         How has history/way been influenced by God and ‘religious justice’?

–        AgASA held a Halloween costume contest and here are the winners:

§         1st Place: Arash ‘Arashional’ Khosrowshahi as Jesus

§         2nd Place: Shiva ‘Shivs’ Kasravi as Shiva The Destroyer

§         3rd Place: Ryan Rhodes as Mad Hatter

§         Honorable Mention: Michael Clifford as Death at a Party

–        How well separated is the separation of church and state?

§         Does the First Amendment exclude religion from legislation or does religion still manage to creep its finger into legislation indirectly?

–        Does religion define those politicians follow it? Do politicians advocate religious stances to merely gain support rather than express their genuine feelings?

–        Is there desperation from the religious side?

§         This is a rhetorical device to help garner support

§         Religious people use self-victimization cries to appeal to pity, and thus gain support in their issues.

–        Are there any atheists in politics?

§         Pete Stark (not related to Tony Stark)

–        Are atheists/agnostics a silent presence in the political arena?

§         Why is this? Does being silent all the time portray atheists as deceiving and untrustworthy?

§         County was founded by Protestantism, does this anything to do with political risk in term of declaring oneself to be an atheist?

–        Is posing as religiously devout a political strategy?

–        Are atheists experiencing discrimination, and if so, do they need to unite and speak up and demand their rights such as those minority groups did before them?

–        Why do some state constitutions require political candidate to believe a particular religion in order to run for office?

§         Is this not a blatant violation of the First Amendment?

–        Why do courts make its participants swear before God in order to testify?

–        Is gay marriage opposed against because of religious beliefs or there legitimate secular reasons for doing so?

Shiva and Jesus