AgASA Logo – is it too offensive?

¨ There was a complaint about our club logo e-mailed to Cat.

AgASA logo

¨ The officers have decided to take action. The members are not to backlash in any inappropriate manner.
¨ We need to know if we are in any violation of any UC Davis policy regarding club logos.
§ Many members brought up the point that we are just exercising our freedom of speech.
§ Should we consult an attorney or is this going too far (at least for right now)?
¨ Should AgASA use this opportunity to capitalize on our publicity?
§ Shiva brought up the good point that we should not attract any unwanted attention to Dan Barker and his event, as that would be unfair to him and his reputation.
¨ Cat would like to re-launch the movie project documenting what true atheism is like and that we are not baby eaters.
¨ The club will continue to table for the rest of the week up until Friday night. The tabling hours are: 12-2PM.
¨ Flyering Schedule: Mondays and Wednesdays at approximately 6PM at the Coffee House on campus.
¨ We screened “Enemies of Reason” by Dawkins and discussed the merits of the movie afterwards.


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