First meeting of the new quarter!

· Cat introduced all of the officers

· We then engaged in an icebreaker game

· After the icebreaker, Cat brought up the case of MI-issued stickers in bio books that claim evolution is nothing than a theory. Although it is readily obvious evolution is a theory (a well-supported one), the aim of the sticker fiasco is to trivialize the authority of the theory of evolution.

· Should Barack Obama endorse the Boy Scouts and become honorary President of the club?

o What is the deal with the Boy Scouts?

o One needs to be religiously affiliated in order to join, but does not necessarily need to have Christian faith

o Why shouldn’t Barack Obama endorse them?

§ Some consensus from the club: Boy Scouts are a government-funded organization, and one of their goals is to promote religion. Furthermore, the Boy Scouts do not allow homosexuals into the club. This seems like a clear case of the violation between the church and state, not to mention a case of discrimination.

o Is this something we should even care about? Are there more important issues we should be concerned with, both politically and religiously?


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