Atheism in Religion: Islam

Mohammad presented on Atheists in Religion. The presentation focused on Islam and how ridiculous it is

· Fundamentals of Islam

o What does Allah mean?

o Allah does not grant his followers a will. Allah does not have human characteristics.

· Differences and similarities between Sunni and Shi’ite muslims

o Sunnis think the successor of Mohammed should be chosen by the people

o The Shi’a think Mohammed’s successor will come on his own.

o Both think that the Quran is not to be questioned

o There is long-brewed hatred between the Sunnis and Shi’a.

· Sufi is the third most popular Islamic denomination, next to Sunni and Shi’ite.

o Currently, there are approximately 37 different denominations of Islam

· One may enter the Islamic faith, but one cannot leave without being killed or persecuted

· Mohammed created Islam in order to unite the Arabs of the Middle East. He wanted the fighting and bickering to stop

· The Quran:

o Book used by Muslims

o Very brutul and passionate idealogies.

o The book is very controversial and hard to interpret clearly

o What is the relationship between orphans and polygamy? Mohammed himself was an orphan

o Quran says that when one gains power, it is permissible to hold that power and even increase it by any means necessary, even though that may hurt innocent people

· Old Ages of Islam

o Ali Rashidun

o Abbasid Ummayad

· New Ages of Islam

o Ottoman Empire

o Safarid Empire

o Mughul Empire

· A secondary reason (aside from the Surge) why Muslims hate Jews is due to the influence of the hatred of Jews by the Christians.


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