Atheism in Film, Art and Music

· Shiva presented on Atheists in the Media, Film, Art, and Music

· She then presented extensively on Atheists in Metal

· Music has been an integral part of religion for as long as religion has been around

o Music is thought to be very inspiring and uplifting

· Some types of Metal:

o Black

o Death

o Pagan

· Metal originated in Norway, but has other regional developments

· Pagan Metal:

o Less intense

o Promotes pride in one’s heritage and ancestry

· Metal has two main themes:

o Exposing hypocrisy in institutions (particularly, religion)

o Returning land and ways of life to the natives of that land.

· Shiva then responded to questions and comments from the audience

Shiva’s follow up:

Hey guys,

During and after my presentation last week on music I had some requests to follow up on certain things…

First, you seemed to want to hear a sample of Skyforger to hear the bagpipe. Here’s a clip:
The audio quality is a bit poor, so give them a break if something sounds awful. Skyforger is from Latvia, by the way.

Here’s another popular band with an overload of traditional sounds:

Here’s another band you might find interesting:
Tyr, from the Faroe Islands.

Also, I mentioned Iranian metal, and I had a couple of requests to give some examples of that. Here are some links to music from Iranian metal bands in (and maybe outside) of Iran:

Have fun and thanks for your time!

– Shiva


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