AgASA vs InterVarsity Kickball and Pizza: The universe exists, therefore we play kickball!

This is the second Atheist and Agnostic Student Association/InterVarsity Christian Fellowship mixer in the history of AgASA/IV mixers! You don’t want to miss out on this one! We’re playing kickball at Walnut Park and then heading to Woodstock’s for delicious pizza. For those of you who aren’t sure how to play kickball, here is the wikipedia page with the rules:
It’s basically just baseball, except instead of hitting a baseball with a bat you kick a pogo ball with your foot.

This is going to be really fun, so don’t miss out!

Day: Saturday, February 2st
Time: 3pm
Place: Walnut Park
You can RSVP at the event page on facebook:

Walnut Park is the giant open field on Lillard Dr.,-121.719375&spn=0.013729,0.034547&z=15
If you need directions or need to plan a ride, email me at


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