AgASA logo competition!

“Because our logo isn’t offensive enough!”

The award for this is a $30 gift certificate to Borders, and a free AgASA t-shirt with your logo on it.

Whoever can design a logo which we decide to actually use on t-shirts, our banner, our a-frame, website, and maybe even fliers, will be the winner.

Try to keep the logo somewhat simple, not directed at a specific religious group, and not too offensive (unless its really funny). Also, try to avoid generalizing atheists by using, for example, an atom or a Darwin fish.

It’s really hard to come up with a logo to define all atheists, so you might want to just think about AgASA at UC Davis when coming up with ideas. It’s also hard to not try and use a whole bunch of words, but simple, easy-to-draw pictures make the best logos.

Some ideas: writing AgASA in an eye-catching way, a really cool letter A…

The coolest logo won’t necessarily win if we, for any reason, decide it wouldn’t be in our best interest to use it. Keep in mind what AgASA is all about!

Post your logos on the facebook event page in the photos section:

The deadline is Friday, March 13th. Yes, I picked Friday the 13th on purpose (for good luck, of course)

Don’t be shy about posting your ideas, the more we have to pick from, the better!


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