Fire and Lore 2009

Myth and folklore are a part of every human culture. Some stories have died with their people, some have lived on, some giants like the Greek myths and some small, unknown, and near forgotten. Some served their purpose and were then treated as fables, and some were systematically woven into messages of truth and movements of deliberate conversion, and even in our time are not considered mere stories or myths at all.
In our atheistic and agnostic analysis of the world around us we have grown to dislike much about religion and the supernatural viewpoint, whether personal faith or mass practice, but with this analysis let’s not degrade our ability to appreciate a good story because of our disdain for the storyteller.
The Bible, Qur’an, Torah, as well as the smaller, lesser known religious and mythological texts are riddled with tales that are at least worthy of analysis, if not enjoyable.
On Friday, May 15th, we got together by a fire and took turns telling some of our favorite religious and mythological stories, whether they were funny, sad, profound or infuriating. The point was to tell a short story that resonated with you, and hopefully with others.

Because who doesn’t want to hear about Thor and the Midgard Serpent?…

We had a blast!


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