Rational Comedy for an Irrational Planet: An evening of science-flavored stand-up from Brian Malow, Earth’s Premier Science Comedian

Let Brian be your tour guide for this evening’s humorous exploration of the expanding universe!

For all audiences! Music is not just for musicians. Art is not just for artists. And science is not just for scientists.

Brian Malow will be giving a stand up comedy performance followed by a question and answer session and an autograph signing. Copies of his CD, Rational Comedy for an Irrational Planet, will be sold.

Tickets are $6 pre-sale and $8 at the door. You can get them at AgASA meetings, Varsity Theatre, or just contact Jenny by email or phone:

“It’s as much about expanding the mind as it is tickling the funny bone.”
The Washington Times

Brian Malow is Earth’s Premier Science Comedian. He has performed for NASA, JPL, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the American Chemical Society, Applied Biosystems, and various outlets of the National Academy of Sciences, and has been featured in the Washington Post and Times, Nature, Chemical & Engineering News, and the San Jose Mercury News. He has appeared on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (CBS) and on Tech TV, Discovery, and A&E

“Thanks for the opportunity to laugh at infectious disease and not feel guilty.”
Chris Condayan, American Society for Microbiology

“Brian Malow is a brilliantly funny comedian, as clever and witty as Woody Allen but with a bent for the wonders of nature instead of the downers of life. Science is just too cool to not also be funny, and Brian Malow has found his ecological niche and exploited it like no other comic species.”
Michael Shermer, Publisher of Skeptic Magazine, monthly columnist for Scientific American

“Women have passed through my life like exotic particles through a cloud chamber, leaving only vapor trails for me to study for clues to their nature.”
Brian Malow

For more information visit Brian’s website: http://www.ScienceComedian.com

Questions?… sciencecomedian@gmail.com

And for a taste of science comedy:

** Available for off-world appearances if transportation is provided


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