Fall 2009 Destress Potluck

If you are not familiar with the tradition, each quarter AgASA does a “De-stress” event during the last meeting of the quarter to ease everybody into the hellfest that is finals.
Tuesday December 1st will be the last AgASA meeting for Fall Quarter of 2009 (aww…). Come hang out, eat snacks, play games, and have a good laugh.

If you’re kind enough to bring food, please post what you’ll be bringing on the wall for this event so it can serve as a guideline for other people who want to bring food in terms of knowing what there will already be a lot of.

Last year we watched the top 5 South Park episodes that featured religion. We covered everything from Super Best Friends to the Scientology Episode. This year I was thinking it would be funny to watch the top 4 or 5 South Park episodes featuring Jesus. Let me know if this sounds fun, or if you have other suggestions.


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