AgASA member Thomas Waters manages a blog with friend Lionel Boyd Johnson. The following is an excerpt from their blog post, “Crazy Creationist of the Month: Runner Up.”

This month, trailing off in second place, you guessed it, is Ray Comfort, for his two week series of blog posts, “Seven of the most important questions you will ever ask.”

The premise is that everyone is going to die eventually, and there are a few questions that will define your life and give you meaning before you, too, eventually die. Let’s take a look at the first one.

How do I know God exists?

First off, it’s a loaded question; it assumes God exists already. However, the question of “Does God exist, and if so how will I know,” is important, especially if there is an afterlife and God controls what happens to our “souls” after we die.

So how does Comfort answer?

It’s amazing how many people think that God’s existence is a matter of “faith.” They think that we choose to accept that an invisible God exists, without any real evidence for His existence. We just “believe.”

Correct, your decision to believe in any god is a personal choice, and can’t be justified with logic or statistics. There are many logical proofs for the existence of God, and they’ve all been thoroughly refuted and disproved a long time ago. The same goes for any alleged disproof of God, it can’t be disproved for sure. So which fallacious proof does Comfort offer?

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One thought on “Chrono-Synclasticinfundibulum”

  1. I get to meet Ray Comfort next month! Anyone have any super pressing questions you’d like me to ask him?

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