Guest Speaker Matt McCormick: The F Word (Faith)

Professor McCormick is in the Philosophy Department at CSUS. He is published widely on atheism and philosophy of religion. His book The Case Against Christ has just been accepted by Prometheus Press. He has done debates, lectures across the country, radio interviews, newspaper and media interviews, and podcasts. He also writes the well-traveled blog– Atheism: Proving the Negative

The F Word

One of the most common responses to doubts, questions, or criticisms of religious views is to invoke the F word. Believing by faith, we are told, solves whatever problems there may be with the evidence. Not only is this response common, but believing by faith is widely treated as admirable and virtuous.

McCormick plans to lay what he thinks are the clearest and most devastating objections to believing by faith, and he’ll attempt to frame the problems in ways that can even help the faithful believer see why they don’t want to go there.

Thursday, April 28 · 6:00pm – 8:00pm
UC Davis Campus, Young 198
Open to everyone, free of charge – followed by Egg Hunt in the death star

Click here to view the Facebook event page!


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