AgASA is meeting over summer every other week to keep the discussion going!

When: Every other Thursday night at 7:30pm
Where: Davis Food CoOp, 620 G st, Davis, CA. We’ll be at the outdoor patio. Alcohol is allowed, but only if you buy it inside the Co-op. The hot food bar is 50% after 7pm, and it is good…really good.

Here are the topics I have planned, but there is room for change if someone else would like to lead a discussion. Just let me know, and I’ll make it work.

June 23: Step 1, Admit you have a problem – Why do certain atheists tend to investigate religion so…hmm…religiously? How much time and energy should a person put into this investigation before giving up? Will you ever stop investigating religion?

July 7: Can your beliefs be voluntary? – Is your atheism a choice, or is it completely involuntary? Is it possible for a just God to exist in a world where belief in said God is not a choice? (Think about it ahead of time if you can, and let’s use this definition of belief: the psychological state in which an individual holds a proposition or premise to be true.)

July 21: The Revolutions of the Middle East – What are the future implications if they succeed? Should we expect Islamic states or real democratic states? Is the true reason of such revolutions to gain freedoms or something else? Discussion led by Mohammad Alkhamis

July 28: Movie night at my apartment! I haven’t decided on a movie yet, so feel free to send me suggestions. I also hope to briefly share my experience at the The Amaz!ng Meeting. *Note: this event is in between two regular SAgASA meetings

August 4: It’s hard to be humble – Have you ever learned something about the world that changed you? For example, learning you were wrong about something you felt absolutely certain of, or learning the world operates differently than you previously thought. Please come prepared to share experiences!

August 18: Atheism in the Family – Jeff Dale will share his experiences as an atheist raising a family.

September 1: Deconverting believers – If you had evidence that you knew would shatter the beliefs of a close, relgious friend of yours, would you do it? Do you see a practical reason for atheists to spend time and energy trying to deconvert beleivers? Why or why not? Think ahead of time about this one, and come prepared to discuss!

September 15: Bible Study – Is the Bible useful outside of religion? Discussion led by David Cherney. Try and think about this one ahead of time!

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