February 6 Meeting – Drugs

Our meeting topic this week is drugs. There are lots of ways this discussion could go, but here are some ideas that might be worth considering no matter where you fall in this debate.

Click here for the facebook event page.

Portugal decriminalized most drugs more than a decade ago and there are interesting results of that decision.

LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) is a group of retired law enforcement officers that advocate decriminalizing and legalizing drugs. You can see a lot of their arguments summed up in this video:

And for those of your that prefer your arguments boiled down to talking points, there is a wikipedia article with arguments for and against pretty much any subject.

This discussion topic, like every other this quarter, was decided in our first meeting. If you have an idea for a meeting you’d like to discuss, be sure to come to the first meeting Spring quarter or visit our facebook page early in the quarter.


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