April 10 – Atheist PR

This week’s meeting topic is Atheist PR. We could discuss the social stigma of atheism, how to counter negative stereotypes, or how to reach out and participate in the community as atheists. This is a timely topic considering we have Picnic Day and our first AgASA-hosted event of the year coming up soon. So we can also discuss how to best promote our club on campus.

To that end, we are also going to be creating posters and maybe t-shirts at this meeting. We’ll be providing some fabric markers, so we encourage you to bring a t-shirt for yourself, and you can work on that during the meeting.

Thursday, April 10th @ 6:10PM
Hart 1116


As mentioned above, AgASA will be fundraising on Picnic Day, Saturday April 12th. We will likely have a bake sale to raise money for our guest speakers, and also provide some fun, interactive, sciencey activities. So stop by the Student Organization Faire on the Quad. It’ll be a lot of fun.

Here are some articles on this topic that might be worth a read.

There have been many studies showing that people distrust atheists more than any other group.

This doesn’t help the public perception of atheists as arrogant or pompous.

However, there have been many public awareness campaigns to try to improve the image of atheists.

So if any of that is of interest to you, please stop by our meeting.


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