Thanks to our amazing members!

GODLESS is over, but the night lives on in our hearts and minds…

There are a few thank you’s in order —

** Thank you to all the officers who poured all their effort and as much of their time possible into making “Godless” arguably AgASA’s greatest success.

** Thank you to our adviser, Aaron Sikes, whose presence provided us reassurance every step of the way.

** Thank you to everyone who came to setup early and for everyone who did their share in helping the event move smoothly.

** Thank you to anyone who made donations toward secularism and healthy debates about a rather “taboo” topic.

** Thank you also to Dan Barker, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, and the Secular Students Alliance for bringing this dynamic story to UC Davis and getting us atheists and agnostics all ignited–and for perhaps getting all the religious groups on campus all riled up. Now at least we know that they know we exist!

** Finally, thank you to all the members who filled up virtually 400-500 seats! Last night was a very proud and defining moment in AgASA’s history and it would not have been possible without all of you.

From the bottom of my (reasonable) heart,
I remain — your very proud president — Cat
~In solidarity~


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