Summary of Agasa’s Winter 2009 Quarter

Thank you to everyone who was a part of AgASA’s Winter 2009 quarter.
The Atheism Series went well and we got to know certain members and topics better. The series went as follows:

– January 21st: Atheism in Religion – Mohammad gave a presentation about the history and mentality of Islam.
– January 28th: Atheism in Film, Music & Art – Shiva gave a presentation on anti-theistic sentiment in metal music.
– February 4th: Atheism in Literature – Cat gave a presentation on literature.
– February 11th: Atheism in Philosophy – Arash gave a presentation on the most common philosophical arguments behind theism, weak atheism, and strong atheism with respect to burden of proof.
– February 18th: Atheism in Mental Health – Jenny presented a comparative look at the happiness of atheists vs. theists where a long discussion ensued about each group’s approach toward death.
– February 25th: Atheism in Global Culture – Sam presented on atheism in different areas of the world, namely Europe, Africa and Asia.
– March 4th: Atheism in Charity – Shiva led a discussion on charity and its merit (or lack thereof) as an accompaniment to an ideology.
– March 11th: Atheism in War – Faculty adviser Aaron Sikes presented on his experience as an atheist in the military and compared the mentality of theist and atheist soldiers.

AgASA will work on compiling these presentations into a library so that they may be referred to any time.


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